7 Actions to remember when we are running out of time.

When we are running out of time, our minds often go into panic mode. Training your mind to take some simple actions can help improve our chances of making better decisions.

Anmol Mohan

When we are running out of time, our minds often go into panic mode. As a result, it becomes highly likely to make sub-optimal decisions. Unfortunately, some of those decisions turn into regrets, especially if we could have avoided them easily.

Training your mind to take some simple actions can help us avoid falling into this trap. By remembering to take those actions, not only do we improve our chances of making better decisions, they allow ourselves to remember our values in challenging situations.

We should avoid taking actions that might be disrespectful to others when we are under pressure. We might think that anything goes given the circumstances but it cannot be farther from the truth.

By being respectful, we invite others to come and help us. Moreover, we are less likely to turn away those who are rooting for us.

Even if we have no help available at the time, we will not spoil our relationship with people who we would need while starting over.

There is always time to take a moment and calm yourself.

Realizing that we don't have enough time left can be daunting. We will likely get emotional at that time.

Taking a breath, returning to the present, and thinking again will likely improve our chances of making a good decision.

We might think that there is not enough time to explain the situation or that no one else can do what is required other than us. But we would be underestimating the people around us.

A lot of the time, people who care about us are not aware of the help that we need due to their dealings.

A simple shout-out to the people you trust is unlikely to take up any time, even when we are under pressure.

Chances are some of them will be able to give us some support or ideas.

When we have a lot of time, we seem to pile up many things to complete, including items with low impact.

It is always a good idea to revisit our to-do list under pressure. Chances are high that we will be able to drop a few things off the list and alleviate some anxiety.

Even if we do not have a to-do list, jotting our thoughts quickly will help us visualize if there are unnecessary things on our plates. It doesn't take much time, and the upside is high.

Sometimes we commit to doing more of the same because we have invested a lot of time in it already.

If we have realized that what we did in the past was a mistake, we are ready to move on. There is no need to carry the mistake around. The damage is never permanent and we can always start the attempts to do the right thing.

However, stopping to admit that we made mistakes in the past can give us clarity on how to proceed further.

We may be able to drop the strategy that we were following and come up with something else that is more in tune with the remaining time.

The human mind, lazy, wants to skip steps under pressure.

No matter how much time remains, it is worth investing some in reading instructions or available documentation.

Proper understanding will help us reduce wastage in trial-and-error. As a result, the overall quality of our decisions is likely to elevate as well.

People or Data cannot help us without paying attention. In our rush to solve our problems, we ignore advice. We even jump to conclusions or actions because we are sure about them.

In panic mode, we might even throw a lot of random solutions in the hope that something might work.

Attempting to look at the evidence and listening to the advice whom we trust could help us overcome our ego.

Stopping to listen to others or the data at hand can give us a good direction since it is likely that someone has already solved the problem we are facing.

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