About Me

What I do:

The most ordinary person ever. A philosopher's heart stuck in a human body. I possess only three things: Possibilities, Authenticity, and Courage, and I am not interested in possessing anything else.

I use Possibilities to create visions.
I use Authenticity to motivate people to be part of those visions.
I use Courage to solve whatever problems arise in bringing those visions to reality.

Be it products, careers, society, life, or the future, I have an original vision.

Try me, its Free!

(Please note that I will strictly ignore all solicitation requests. Only contact if you have a genuine problem. It could be about anything.)

Whatsapp: +65 8862 7018
Text: +65 9811 4563
Telegram: @thatnobodyisme

About me:

In one of the great court banquets, everyone was seated according to rank, waiting for the entry of the King. In came a plain, shabby man and took a seat above everyone else. His boldness angered the prime minister, who ordered the newcomer to identify himself.

"Was he a minister?" the minister asked. "No, More" he replied.

"Was he the King?" "No, More"

"Are you then God?" asked the prime minister.

"I am above that also," replied the poor man.

"There is nothing beyond God," retorted the prime minister.

"That nothing," came the response, "is me."