7 bad explanations keeping us from progressing.

Invalid reasoning of our situation stops us from focussing on the explanations that will help us progress. Here are some common reasoning pitfalls.

Anmol Mohan

Sometimes it would seem like we are in a very bad situation. Nothing seems to be going our way. There is no solution in sight.

It is easy to assume that the situation or the people around us will not change.

But that is not true. Change is everywhere, and nothing stays the same forever. The wheel of time will take a turn, and change will start to seep in. Keeping hope for change is the first step in inviting change.

It would seem like there is no option in the situation but to panic.

But panic is an abysmal pit. There is no threshold of reasons to panic. Panic will always take us towards an easy way out of the problem.

Keeping patience will help us see clearly and assess our options. There is no situation where panic is justified. We are always in control even when we cannot solve our problems and have to call for help.

A byproduct of our competitive education system. It trains us to turn everything into a race.

When we achieve something, it is easy to mythologize our abilities.

But the truth is that a component of our success is always with the help of others. And some part of it is luck. It may have gone our side this time, but not at some other time. Stay humble.

So if not on the other side, we might find ourselves on the other side. But we will be making the same mistake as above.

Competition does not exist. Not being able to achieve something does not make us worst.

Everything is achievable with the right values, behaviors, and practice; we can achieve whatever we want.

When situations are difficult, our mind takes an easy way out by convincing us of the impossibility of our target.

But nature allows everything to be achieved if we can find the right way. It puts no limit.

There are numerous examples all around us that scream about the possibilities. All of them were deemed impossible at some point of time. But someone's willpower made them possible.

"Becaue others are doing this" is simply a way for mind to follow a safe bet and save energy.

A habit of following will also hinder us from reaching the opportunities of originality.

Anyone can be a follower. The world values originality more than anything else. Go beyond the herd and don't be afraid of imprinting your originality. We may come up with the same conclusion as everyone else. But that is still better than simply following others.

There was a time when we never took our first step to walk.

There was a time when we never wrote anything.

There was a time when we never took care of another human being.

These tasks were all equally difficult at the time. But with willpower and practice, they became so easy that we don't even have to think about them anymore while doing them.

Same goes for everything in life. "I have never done this" can never be an explanation that stops from you doing anything.

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Anmol Mohan

I am just trying to make sense of this world. I am interested in the hardest puzzles like Consciousness, Humanity and Multiverse. Sharing my honest learning during this journey.