Sufferings and Smile

Sufferings are not our enemy. They allow us to prioritize our lives with the most important things.

Anmol Mohan

We can only be as strong as the sufferings we commit to withstand.

We either want to avoid problems or eliminate them as soon as they occur.

But a lot of time, it is not in our hands to get rid of our problems, and we are stuck with suffering.

And at those times, we can link our sufferings with some life purpose.

Once we do that, we automatically get the strength to be equal to our suffering and even to make ourselves strong for the future.


  • When someone close to us is sick, we act to help them no matter what our condition might be. Where does that energy come from? It is from our commitment to a purpose.
  • Sometimes we have no other option but to do something we have never done before. Once we do, we also get tremendous confidence to deal with our future problems.

So if we are willing to accept that this phenomenon exists and we want to make use of it to better our lives, that means:

We should make room for sufferings in our life.

That doesn't mean we should seek suffering actively. But it means that we should not think of it as an enemy and maintain an attitude that something good might come out of it.

Are you weaker than your sufferings require you to be? If not, then why don't you smile all the time? Have a great weekend!

Mental Strength

Anmol Mohan

I am just trying to make sense of this world. I am interested in the hardest puzzles like Consciousness, Humanity and Multiverse. Sharing my honest learning during this journey.