The fallacy of Work-Life Balance

Most people see Work and Life as two distinct non-overlapping circles. This fallacy leads to a mediocre life and a lot of self-inflicted misery by denying ourselves the discovery of our potential.

Anmol Mohan

Work is not separate from Life. Life happens through our work.

Think about it; we spend a significant portion of our Life working.

The reason is not merely to earn money (although we need it to keep going).

We also use work to find meaning in our Lives, create impact for others, and see how they react.

The more we can impact other people’s lives, the more we learn about ourselves.

Many people make the mistake of seeing work and Life as two distinct, non-overlapping pieces.

This misperception happens for various reasons. We see work as a way to earn money or enhance our future.

So, instead of living our lives now, we grind with the hope of finding convenience, love, and security later.

But most people realize eventually that this is a fallacy.

Life is happening here and now. And if we do not live now, there is no guarantee that we will be able to rise above the grind and live later.

Those who realize this explore being courageous. They know that they can make Life happen through their work.

They stop compromising on their passions and seek work closer to their heart.

They do things that make them happy, giving them the best chance of making an impact in the real world.

Once you start doing this, it is easy to link work with the process of self-discovery.

You realize what you are capable of and your strengths and weaknesses.

You promise yourself success. And you use that promise to make changes in yourself.

Because you are filled with flaws, and the choice is only to work around some of them or give up on your dream of success.

This promise drives change in all of us. And change is Life.

Don’t let your insecurities and fears interfere with your job.

Make promises to yourself and people who rely on you (customers, family, team members).

A true promise will help you confront your fears and will help you grow.

That, not money or benefits, is the highest perk at work.

Do what you love, love what you do!

Your favorite athlete, politician, model, musician, entrepreneur, knows this already. Think about it.

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Anmol Mohan

I am just trying to make sense of this world. I am interested in the hardest puzzles like Consciousness, Humanity and Multiverse. Sharing my honest learning during this journey.