What is success?

Can we tell if the circumstances of our lives are leading us to success? How did the successful people tell that before they were successful?

Anmol Mohan

How do you know you are not in the middle of achieving greatness?

Generally, our benchmark for success comes from looking at successful people.

We see their lifestyle, achievements, and attitude; we realize that is how success feels.

Success looks easy when you are looking at people who are successful already.

But that is not what success is.

Success is the struggle that those people did when they were not successful.

They would have faced the same problems that we are facing.

They would have had the same resource constraints that we have.

They would have encountered the same hostile environments that we are experiencing.

Yet, they made it through.

So the things to learn from celebrities differ from their glamorous states post-success.

It is how they dealt with their problems pre-success.

It is how they made their decisions despite the uncertainties of life.

It is how they endured difficult times without giving up on their dreams.

Nobody has answers to these questions, and everyone has to discover them independently.

But one thing is for sure successful people would have had the same life difficulties and faced the same shit we are facing.

There were no special signs, no special knowledge, no special thrill in their lives before they were successful. The difference was not in the circumstances but in their attitude towards the problems and simplicity of their lives.

How can we know if we are in the middle of achieving greatness or not? The answer is: we can't. But, it is a choice that we can make. Either every situation leads us to the glory, or none does.

Who decides if you are a winner or not? Have a great weekend!

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Anmol Mohan

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