What leaders can learn from Ocean

If you aim to make potential as vast as an Ocean, you can learn much about how a rewarding and playful life can be lived.

Anmol Mohan

As a leader, we have to deal with a lot of negativity.

The source of negativity could be external, like unfavorable circumstances. Or it could be your own dark thoughts.

But the point is that we cannot always control these things.

That means a specific enduring power is needed to keep going in the face of challenges.

If we can imagine your internal capabilities to be as grand as an ocean, we can also imagine that we have the capacity to handle some highly poisonous situations without reacting. Because reacting to them will not only be a distraction, it will just give us more pain.

We often talk about how important it is to be flexible to succeed.

I can think of nothing more grand than an ocean regarding flexibility.

Ocean is capable of taking whatever shape is required.

As a result, it has the capacity to penetrate the most impenetrable structures.

And the key is that Ocean doesn't have any particular perception of its identity. Its identity totally depends on what a situation requires it to be.

And yet, despite its infinite flexibility, Ocean remains singular in its composition.

It has the tolerance for any molecule that may choose to enter it. But it itself remains made up of almost entirely of a single molecule.

All ocean waters taste the same.

It strives for a singular purpose of supporting as many life forms as possible in all its functions. It breeds diversity without diverging on its intent.

That is an incredible metaphor for how we should be ready to take any form required, egolessly but not change our values. We should remain committed to what we value in this world, despite driving creative changes in the same world.

Ocean gives rise to unbelievable diversity.

It has colorful fishes in every possible shape imaginable. It has highly intelligent creatures like Octopuses and Dolphins. It is responsible for driving all the flora and fauna.

Just stand on a beach and try to feel the waves touching your feet. Can we deny that the Ocean is teasing us playfully?

It is the backdrop of play for almost every species on this planet.

And that's what leaders can learn from it. That life is playful. It isn't to be taken seriously. It is to be felt, enjoyed, and danced with.

No failure is permanent. Nothing ever ends. The play continues.

"Only that which can change can continue."

Stagnation is death. We cannot remain stuck in the past. We cannot just aim to do the things that are known to us.

We have to change ourselves to remain vital continuously. We have to keep exploring new avenues. We cannot just wait around for opportunities to come to us; we need to produce them.

That means doing things for no reason. That is the playful nature that Ocean has.

Deep myths are at the core of all explorations.

Ocean contains vast mysteries at its core. These mysteries keep giving motivation for new explorations. These mysteries are so profound that they may not be resolved at all.

Similarly, a leader needs to have profound myths in their hearts. The myths that can never be resolved probably. But those beliefs in the unknown will lead leaders to explore and make new pathways for others to follow.

Ocean supports every ecosystem on this planet.

It keeps giving to rivers, glaciers, clouds, and life forms. But is never depleted.

The key is it never aims to have. It always aims to give. As a result, it is always abundant.

It believes that all is one. Just like your right hand cannot give to your left hand. Because there is actually one, and the difference lies only in perception.

Leaders can learn to aim to give without fear of depletion of resources. It doesn't mean throwing things indiscriminately. But understanding taking risks is part and parcel of growth. The purpose should be to grow yourself, and the ecosystem around us, and our personal growth will come automatically.


Anmol Mohan

I am just trying to make sense of this world. I am interested in the hardest puzzles like Consciousness, Humanity and Multiverse. Sharing my honest learning during this journey.