Not all winners get a medal. Not everyone who gets a medal is a winner.

Anmol Mohan

Tokyo 2020 Olympics: A curious thing happened in the men's wrestling semi-finals.

The guy who lost tried to bite the eventual winner. But the eventual winner did not lose their grip even though they would be experiencing incredible pain.

I was wondering what makes a person bite the opponent. They know very well that it will be called a foul. Even if they win, people will question their credentials and reputation. Is winning a medal like this worth it? After all, everything is fair in love and war. or is it?

I think the confusion comes from the definition of winning. Winning is not an acquisition of a medal. It's not just the end that matters, but also the process you used to reach the end.

Winners do not just achieve awards, they set the right examples for others to follow. They elevate the game by doing things no one has done before. They respect the game and opponents more than the award. For them, the experience of the process is just as pleasurable as the award.

Those who think that a glorious end is all that matters, are not winning. They are just living up to the arbitrary expectations set by someone else. And they know it in their heart despite appearances.

Not all winners get a medal. Not everyone who gets a medal is a winner.

Where do you stand?


Anmol Mohan

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